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Love and Peace Ceremonies, Inc.

We are not perfect people and our faith can change over time. Our faith isn’t always easily understood or accepted. However throughout life, our faith in friends and family becomes important when enjoying the best of times and when trying to get through life’s most difficult events. These experiences will challenge us to be more considerate, understanding, and caring people over time. It will also challenge our faith and often makes it stronger.

In working with my clients, my goal is to always respect the different beliefs that are part of who we are. I believe that we must live life to the fullest, always respecting others and what they believe in.

Say I Do NY

Rev Thomas Fiorillo is an ordained interfaith (non-denominational) minister registered to perform weddings throughout NY. Being brought up Catholic, he found the guidelines of the church to be too restrictive for a celebration of love and devotion. As such he chose a different path to be able to bring the joy of marriage to everyone regardless of background, religion, or sexual preference. He has provided wedding officiant services for all types from mixed religion marriages, to destination weddings, same sex weddings, and informal civil ceremonies.