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North Shore Animal League

Thanks to generous supporters like you, North Shore Animal League America has saved more than 1,000,000 animals to date. We save nearly 18,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens annually. Many of these have been the victims of animal abuse and animal cruelty.

Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue the critical hands-on work we do for the animals that come through our doors each day. We rescue animals from overcrowded municipal shelters, save them from puppy mills and natural disasters, and provide them with high quality medical care to rehabilitate them and prepare them for adoption.

(516) 883-7900
Personal Verse Custom Poetry

I created Personal Verse to give you a unique way to celebrate the most important people in your life. Through my writing skills and my passion, I will deliver to you poems that capture the spirit, the emotion and the tradition for every special occasion and memorable moment.

(718) 577-3285

Having a beautiful scent in the air, and creating a soothing and calm environment is only one of the perks that Scentsy delivers. It is a safe way to experience wonderful aromas in your home with the flameless warmers, amazing fragrance bars and many other products!

These items are are great for gift giving, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal party gifts, baby gifts, and of course home decor! Scentsy products are great for people of all ages- there is truly something for everyone!

Try some today and experience the soothing scents for yourself!
If you have any other questions, or would like some additional information, feel free to contact us; Debbie & Jen

Schwartz Magic

The most important people in your life are coming to the wedding…and they want to have fun! That’s where David come in. He specializes in performing magic and mind-reading ,so he has the experience to adapt to the unique feel of your wedding. From grandparents to relatives and friends to co-workers all of your guests will be thoroughly entertained.

(917) 453-0046