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Diet, Heath & Fitness

A Better You Nutrition Weight Loss Service
Put an end to yoyo dieting! With Ideal Protein’s effortless program & our individualized coaching, you can shed those extra pounds & keep them off forever.
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Family Guiding

Family Guiding is an organization devoted to supporting individuals in growing toward their highest potential. Our philosophy is founded on a belief that each family and organization we serve is unique, with its own culture and needs. Therefore, we take a holistic approach, offering guidance in many accessible forms. We are dedicated to translating empirical research into everyday tools and strategies that anyone can use. We are strongly committed to raising social consciousness and bridging the gaps within and between communities.

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Welcome to Isagenix International. We’re delighted you found us. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in North America because our products, solutions and culture redefine the health and wellness industry.

Science backs our products and statistics back our success, but it’s our people who make us the best. Our no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities help thousands achieve their dreams—physically and financially.

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Kaplan Chiropractic

Our purpose is to educate, motivate and support a healthier life style through quality chiropractic care, nutritional information and specialized exercise programs. Part of our purpose is to be a positive contribution to the planet so that all benefit from a healthier humanity. We are here to educate and care for as many people as possible so that they can live their lives to the fullest. We will do everything in our power to support you on your path to wellness.

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Lighten Up Jericho

Lose 20 to 40 pounds of Fat in Just 40 Days

  • Doctor Supervised!
  • All Natural! No Drugs!
  • No Exercise Required!
  • A Scientific Safe and Natural Answer!
  • Targets Hard to Lose Fat! (Stomach, Hips & Butt)
  • Reduces Cravings & Hunger!
  • Completely Customized for You!
  • No Pre-Packaged Foods!
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Sight MD

When you choose SightMD®, you are choosing eye care that is the best in its class. Regardless of your medical or surgical needs, one of our highly skilled ophthalmologists in Long Island, NY, will walk you through every step of your eye treatment with warmth and compassion. We utilize the latest, state-of-the-art technology to deliver life-changing results on par with the care that you would receive at the top academic institutions in the country.

Stahl Eyecare Experts

Norman Stahl, MD was a prominent New York ophthalmologist and a pioneer in refractive surgery who built a thriving practice that helped restore sight to many thousands of patients. His caring fashion delivered with the highest level of professionalism earned his patients’ trust and loyalty. This philosophy of combining innovative science with a sense of compassion for our patients’ welfare has been continued by the eye doctors at Stahl Eyecare Experts: Benjamin Chang MD, Thierry Hufnagel MD, and Marc Werner MD.
For more than five decades, these physicians have performed over 40,000 laser vision correction procedures. In addition, they have helped their patients by providing expert care in everything ranging from routine eye examinations to contact lenses and microsurgical cataract and glaucoma procedures. They are experts in caring for vision and for their patients, believing that we live better and safer lives when we see better. As a community service initiative, they performed over 500 LASIK procedures on New York’s firefighters. Helping them see better, without being dependent on glasses or contacts, helps all of us to be safer.

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Take Shape for Life

Lose weight safely and quickly with the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan®, featuring medically formulated, nutritious, and delicious meal replacements by Medifast.
You’ll choose five Medifast Meals each day, one every 2-3 hours. Because you eat frequently, you’re never hungry, and your metabolism stays revved. Many Medifast Meals are portable, so you can fit this diet into even the busiest lifestyle.
You also get one Lean & Green™ Meal to eat at the time that works best for you. For the Lean, you’ll have 5-7 ounces of lean protein; the Green is three servings of low-glycemic vegetables. Depending on your source of protein, you’ll get some healthy fat, too, and that will help keep you full and satisfied.
While Medifast Meals are delicious and nutritionally sound, don’t think that you’ll be committed to meal replacements forever. The 5 & 1 Plan is just the first phase of our program. In the Transition phase, you’ll begin to add more fruits, vegetables, and protein. And on Maintenance, you’re ready. Optimal Health is yours!

The Family Wellness Center

Attend our New and Updated FREE Weight Loss Seminar to learn how to get your body into FAT BURNING MODE!  Do you realize you have 6 FAT BURNING HORMONES that should be working for you and not against you?  Everybody has unique and different challenges with weight loss.  You need to find out why you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off.   There are answers, and you’ll learn them at our free seminar.We’re also going to talk about some of the latest breakthroughs in weight loss, that you may not have even heard about yet! 

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