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For our next bridal show and expo on Long Island, simply look below to find the next show dates.

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March 2017

Monday 27 Marriott Uniondale

Tuesday 28  Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

Thursday 30  Marriott Melville

April 2017

Monday 24 Huntington Hilton

Tuesday 25 Marriott Uniondale

Wednesday 26 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

May 2017

Monday 22 Huntington Hilton

Wednesday 24 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet 

Thursday 25 Marriott Uniondale

June 2017

Monday 26 Marriott Uniondale

Tuesday 27  Marriott Melville

Wednesday 28 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

July 2017

Monday 24 Marriott Uniondale

Tuesday 25  Marriott Melville

Wednesday 26 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

August 2017

Monday 28 Marriott Uniondale

Tuesday 29  Huntington Hilton

Wednesday 30 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

September 2017

Monday 25 Marriott Melville

Tuesday 26 Marriott Uniondale

Wednesday 27 Clarion Ronkonkoma Free Buffet

October 2017

Monday 23 Huntington Hilton

Tuesday 24 Marriott Uniondale

Wednesday 25 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

November 2017

Monday 13 Huntington Hilton

Tuesday 14 Marriott Uniondale

Wednesday 15 Clarion Ronkonkoma  Free Buffet

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